Bobby Rose Jewelry - SoushaBobby Rose Jewelry is a handmade jewelry brand born and raised in Amsterdam. Sousha Arendse is not only the founder behind this brand, which was created two years ago, but she is also the creative mind behind it by designing the collection herself. Each piece uses materials originating from the Middle East and is either gold filled or high-quality gold plated. ’’Most of my own jewelry I wear 24/7, so it’s important that it doesn’t lose its color.’’
One of the most characteristic pieces of the collection is the Hamsa (or Fatima), carrying the meaning ‘five’. It reflects personal protection and luck in life. ’’The luck that you can carry in your hand.’’
 A lot of people wonder where the name Bobby Rose comes from: ‘‘When my mom was pregnant with me she didn’t know whether I would be a girl or a boy. Had I been a boy, I would have been given the name Bobby. Sousha comes from the name Shoshanna, which means Rose in Hebrew. After combining the two, Bobby Rose was born.’’
Apart from the available collection, personalized items (up to a certain extent) can be made upon request. Please feel free to send your request to: bobbyrosejewelry@gmail.com

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